Cloud-Driven MRI Reconstruction Service

About the Service

YarraCloud is a cloud-driven reconstruction service for advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. It is based on the Yarra Framework developed by the Center for Advanced Imaging Innovation and Research (CAIĀ²R) at NYU School of Medicine.

The service aims at providing simple access to computationally demanding reconstruction techniques, such as the GRASP DCE-MRI method, for institutions that do not have the compute capacity or infrastructure to perform the processing locally. It is operated on a not-for-profit basis.

Seamless Cloud Integration

YarraCloud integrates seamlessly into Yarra’s offline-reconstruction pipeline. If an algorithm is selected that resides on YarraCloud, the Yarra Cloud Agent loads the rawdata into the cloud and launches the reconstruction on a suited compute instance. Once processing has finished, the Yarra Cloud Agent automatically retrieves the images and stores them locally in a PACS, on a workstation, or a network share.

Automatic PHI Removal

YarraCloud runs on cloud infrastructure that fulfills all requirements for HIPAA certification. Encrypted connections are used for all transfers. Nevertheless, the Yarra Cloud Agent preventively removes all PHI prior to upload of rawdata. PHI is retained only on the scanner and reinserted locally before images are stored in PACS. Hence, no sensitive information leaves the hospital network.

Centralized Settings Management

Application-specific reconstruction settings, storage endpoints, and notification mechanisms are centrally configured through a web-based administration interface. Configuration steps on individual scanners or workstations are not necessary. The interface also provides functionality for quality control.

Transparent Pay-Per-Use Model

Utilized compute resources are metered on a per case basis. Because instances are launched and shutdown for every case, costs occur only during the actual processing, offering significant cost savings compared to local server installations. Moreover, capacities inherently scale with institutional demand. Additional savings can be achieved by selecting smaller instance types.

Beta Testing Phase

YarraCloud is currently in closed beta testing with invited collaboration partners. It is not open to public users at this time. If you are interested in testing YarraCloud for our Compressed Sensing GRASP DCE-MRI technique, please reach out using the contact information provided below.